Event #1 Perfect Strangers



Valentines, possibly the most sacred and genuine holiday event of the year, is a time to express your love… to a complete stranger. Celebrating our launch and first event, we, the dollar collective, went to a random restaurant to pay for an unsuspecting and affectionate young couple’s Valentines dinner.

First, our assistant, Francesca, drew to see which DC member gets to perform the act.

The Event:

[jump to 3min to skip the preamble-ramble]

Perfect Strangers:


I received an email the following day from Dan (I’m pretty sure he’s the one on the right)…

Hey Dan,

It’s the other Dan from the Rumpus Room last night (thanks again, by the way!)

 Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that once you guys do a few more of these and have a few stories to tell, you should definitely do a media push. It’s a great story that could be picked up by a few outlets in the City. Doerthe works at OpenFile (I think you have her card) and I’m at Citytv, so feel free to contact us if you have a press release you want to send out.

 Good luck with this adventure. Doerthe and I are still thinking of how we can pay our $50 forward…will keep you posted.


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