Event #5 Mental Health/Yoga Mat Give Away

EVENT #5: Yoga Mat Give-Away

The fall season is off to an excellent start! The tree is thriving and blog is bursting with new photos. I would like to build on this momentum by presenting a new opportunity for the collective.

I propose we invest approx $100 to buy the Richmond Hospital Psychiatry ward proper yoga mats. Currently, the occupational therapist leads a daily stretch, but the benefits are limited due to lack of equipment. Since stretching is the often the only exercise the patients get in a day, I think we have a real opportunity to make an impact! (The mats would be a permanent donation to the ward.)

Thanks, DC!

Note: If you have a yoga mat in good condition that you wish to donate or know where to find a good deal, please let me know. Another note: I’m in the process of coordinating a volunteer yoga teacher to put those mats to good use!

Note: The DC did not provide any money for this event, as our member Frances Dobrzanski collected enough mats through donations and collections.


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