Event #17 Get Warm Project and Skate Fundraiser

This Winter, the DC held an open skate fundraiser to help raise money for Vancouver’s Get Warm Project. Unfortunately, the event didn’t raise any funds, but the DC has still decided to donate $60 to the generous project. The Get Warm Project helps keep Vancouver’s street population warm during the Winter. Read more about the Get Warm Project here. 



Anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved in the project – from volunteering your time, or donating any quality goods + clothing.

Event #16 Funding a Time Machine: Postulater

DC member Dan Hawkins requested $80.00 to help fund and build a time machine, aka Postulater, an online application that allows users to send messages/media (text, images, etc) into the future – either to themselves or friends via email. Essentially users pick a date when to send the telegram. The application would be free to use. And hopefully turned into a mobile app down the road. The donations will go towards: buying a domain, paying for hosting, and paying a programmer to do the backend.

Update: The site is nearly active!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.15.34 PM

Event #15 Nordic Culture Days

DC member Kristen and a fellow Estonian* friend have begun organizing a series of events in Vancouver that celebrate Nordic and Baltic culture, called “Nordic Culture Days.” Events will include community activities such film screenings, a participatory folk dance day, storytelling, baking classes, etc. all held at the Estonian cultural space here.

In the words of Kristen, “The idea is to bring some energy to the Estonian community, which in the past, has been somewhat slow to adapt to the younger generations. Many of us young people want to be involved but don’t speak Estonian or don’t identify with the more traditional activities on offer. In addition to engaging the younger people in the community, we also want to create an open and inviting environment to share our culture/Nordic culture with others. Anyone will be welcome at our events – this, in and of itself, is a new and exciting element for the community.”

The Dollar Collective helped out with their first event, by donating $80.00 – which helped pay for print posters, snacks and drinks at the event. More details about the event are here:http://nordicculturedays.tumblr.com/events

esto Movie

Event #13 Bake O Rama

Fellow DC member Heather Beaty runs a baking “delicious” blog, Blue Owl Treats, and decided to hold an event to make and deliver cupcakes for free to friend and strangers! (with help from the DC to cover basic baking costs*) Here are the details:

UPDATE: *in the end, Heather refused the money to help fund this venture (pro bono cakes!)


Event #12 Kiva 2 Kiva Round 2

After roughly one year, we have received 100% return on our initial Kiva loan! This means that we get to do it all over again, at zero cost! (well almost – Kiva charges $7.50 for operating costs).

After polling our members, we’ve decided to help fund:

Nodari, who was looking for loans to help open a bakery, in Georgia. Read more about Nodari and his bakery here.


And we also loaned another $25 to Maria in Honduras, who needed help buying fertilizer and other supplies for her coffee plants. You can read more about her business here.


Event #11 Camp Fircom

First United held their inaugural Family Retreat at Camp Fircom for families from the Downtown Eastside on May 27-29, and urgently needed special donations for some of the children & parents such as rain jackets, sleeping bags, cameras, water bottles, etc., to make it all possible.

With the generous help of our member Frances Dobrzasnki, we purchased and donated cameras, film, water bottles, and flashlights for the families ($100 provided from the DC and $50 from Frances’ own pockets). Thanks, Frances!



Event #10: Gina + MacDonald Elementary Lunch Program

Last year one of our members worked at Macdonald school in east van, where a very dedicated, very lovely Italian woman works hard serving breakfast and lunch to all students whether they pay or not. It’s mostly made possible my private donations and some VSB contributions. We decided to donate $80 to the program and give Gina a bottle of wine as a acknowledgment of our her contributions! Thanks Jess Leger for helping organize this event. And thank you, Gina!

Pictures to come…

Event #9: St James Music Academy

For Event #9, we decided to donate $100 to the St James Music Academy. SJMA is a music school in the Downtown Eastside that offers free music education to low income families.  All musical instruments, lessons, classes are provided for these kids free of charge, giving them the opportunity to discover and express themselves through music.

Check out the video below to find out how SJMA’s donations are spent:


A big shout out to Heather Beatty for organizing this event!

Our letter from the SJMA: