Event #11 Camp Fircom

First United held their inaugural Family Retreat at Camp Fircom for families from the Downtown Eastside on May 27-29, and urgently needed special donations for some of the children & parents such as rain jackets, sleeping bags, cameras, water bottles, etc., to make it all possible.

With the generous help of our member Frances Dobrzasnki, we purchased and donated cameras, film, water bottles, and flashlights for the families ($100 provided from the DC and $50 from Frances’ own pockets). Thanks, Frances!




Event #10: Gina + MacDonald Elementary Lunch Program

Last year one of our members worked at Macdonald school in east van, where a very dedicated, very lovely Italian woman works hard serving breakfast and lunch to all students whether they pay or not. It’s mostly made possible my private donations and some VSB contributions. We decided to donate $80 to the program and give Gina a bottle of wine as a acknowledgment of our her contributions! Thanks Jess Leger for helping organize this event. And thank you, Gina!

Pictures to come…

Event #9: St James Music Academy

For Event #9, we decided to donate $100 to the St James Music Academy. SJMA is a music school in the Downtown Eastside that offers free music education to low income families.  All musical instruments, lessons, classes are provided for these kids free of charge, giving them the opportunity to discover and express themselves through music.

Check out the video below to find out how SJMA’s donations are spent:


A big shout out to Heather Beatty for organizing this event!

Our letter from the SJMA:


Event #8 $100 Holiday Give-Away

Our lucky DC member Leo Margul won the lottery draw and will be spending this years $100 Give Away.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.59.42 PM

And now, a word from our sponsor, Leo:

“I know it’s been quite a while since I won the holiday raffle, and I apologize for taking so long to reveal what I’ve done with the winnings. So here it is, in video form!

If you don’t want to watch, I surprised depressed open mic comedians here in LA with some free snacks. I only host a mic once a month, and did this 5 times, so that was 5 months. I also gave a random couple a free dinner and some other folks free ice cream. Then I donated to St. Anne’s (http://www.stannes.org/) and organization in LA that helps at-risk women and their families.

Thank you for your patience and the funds to make this possible Dollar Collective!”

Thanks Leo!

Event #7 Random Envelope Give Away

With this event, we decided to leave ten random envelopes around public places (buses, libraries, etc.) in Vancouver and Los Angeles, with various amounts of money left inside for strangers. Denominations included $5, $10, and $20, for a total of $120.00. We are also hoping to hear back from the stranger on how they went about spending the money…

Envelope, Message and Money

envelopeNOTE 2012-12-09 16.33.52

Inside books at Vancouver Public Libraries

2012-12-11 17.29.50 2012-12-11 16.54.54

everythingbook flowerBook

Riding buses on Vancouver’s Public Transport (#44 and #84)

2012-12-09 19.32.05

2012-12-09 17.08.24

DC does LA


Intelligentsia Cafe in Los Angeles


Sadly, no one ever replied!

Event #6 Dollar-Docember?

In process…

For 55 days ($1 a day), and in the spirit of Movember, the DC is sponsoring Mitch Ballentine to let his freak flag facial hair grow. He will be growing his beard or moustache for the rest of 2012. The money will go towards a cause of his choice.



Event #5 Mental Health/Yoga Mat Give Away

EVENT #5: Yoga Mat Give-Away

The fall season is off to an excellent start! The tree is thriving and blog is bursting with new photos. I would like to build on this momentum by presenting a new opportunity for the collective.

I propose we invest approx $100 to buy the Richmond Hospital Psychiatry ward proper yoga mats. Currently, the occupational therapist leads a daily stretch, but the benefits are limited due to lack of equipment. Since stretching is the often the only exercise the patients get in a day, I think we have a real opportunity to make an impact! (The mats would be a permanent donation to the ward.)

Thanks, DC!

Note: If you have a yoga mat in good condition that you wish to donate or know where to find a good deal, please let me know. Another note: I’m in the process of coordinating a volunteer yoga teacher to put those mats to good use!

Note: The DC did not provide any money for this event, as our member Frances Dobrzanski collected enough mats through donations and collections.