Event #15 Nordic Culture Days

DC member Kristen and a fellow Estonian* friend have begun organizing a series of events in Vancouver that celebrate Nordic and Baltic culture, called “Nordic Culture Days.” Events will include community activities such film screenings, a participatory folk dance day, storytelling, baking classes, etc. all held at the Estonian cultural space here.

In the words of Kristen, “The idea is to bring some energy to the Estonian community, which in the past, has been somewhat slow to adapt to the younger generations. Many of us young people want to be involved but don’t speak Estonian or don’t identify with the more traditional activities on offer. In addition to engaging the younger people in the community, we also want to create an open and inviting environment to share our culture/Nordic culture with others. Anyone will be welcome at our events – this, in and of itself, is a new and exciting element for the community.”

The Dollar Collective helped out with their first event, by donating $80.00 – which helped pay for print posters, snacks and drinks at the event. More details about the event are here:http://nordicculturedays.tumblr.com/events

esto Movie

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